Companies tagged with Internet of Things (IoT)

Restoring nutrient security from soil to our cells.
eve drones arrive within 3 minutes of a 911 call to help emergency responders save resources and save lives.
Revolutionizing RV living with our smart thermostat and control, Significant traction with more than 500 users at $329 price point. LTV of $479 through monthly recurring revenue and CPA of $156/device.
Operational AI: AI-Driven Enterprise Software for Operators and Decision Makers
Serving quality food anywhere with robotic kiosks
Smart maintenance software for manufactures to eliminate unplanned downtime.
Building Connections | Powering Performance
Outsourced Cybersecurity for SMBs, Startups, and Supply Chains. Cyvatar is the easiest and most cost-effective way to get and stay cyber-secure.
Creating passive profit streams for real estate Owners and Developers by deploying decentralized wireless network technology on their assets.
Real-time feedback on form while strength training
Allosense makes sensors and measurement solutions for advancing electric vehicle battery manufacturing and equipment monitoring.
make the web better for all with just a single line of code.
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