Companies tagged with Cleantech & Renewable Energy

We locate groundwater - addressing critical challenges in real estate, agriculture, ranching, municipalities, and beyond.
Restoring nutrient security from soil to our cells.
Use Downstream Marketplace to find a hauler, recycler, scrapper, reseller, or landfill.
We turn harmful waste in the agriculture industry into a soil amendment that restores soil health for farmers and sequesters carbon.
make the web better for all with just a single line of code.
The nation’s go-to database for green building incentives.
Revterra is developing a scalable, long-duration energy storage solution to enable large scale penetration of renewable power sources.
ShipShape believes your home should be smart enough to take care of itself and are seeing billions of dollars wasted because home maintenance is inefficient. They've created the "check engine light" for the home using AI and IOT to predict problems before they happen and take action.
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