Companies tagged with Agriculture & Food Supply

Improving quality of life through availability of water.
Next Generation Anti-infectives Biotech Platform
We turn harmful waste in the agriculture industry into a soil amendment that restores soil health for farmers and sequesters carbon.
We bring NASA growing technology down from space and into your home or business
Environmentally-controlled modules for sustainable farming on Earth and life-support in space.
The B2B marketplace and new supply chain for sustainable agriculture
Connect local food artisans direct to local consumers and handle payment and last mile delivery. Think Etsy meets Favor for hyper-local food.
INFY is the producer of Intelligent NanoFiber, an absorbent nano-material capable of capturing and neutralizing toxins and infectious diseases.
A software company powering product and ingredient intelligence. We help companies save time and money while improving food.
Gozova is an on-demand delivery/transportation services platform focused on providing users with vetted, crowdsourced drivers for the transportation of good, large or small.
CBio combines novel separation science, portable microcopy, machine learning, and IoT cloud connectivity to bring unparalleled analytics to groups studying cell and microbial behavior for decision making.
We help veterinarians diagnose embryo health to improve pregnancy outcomes of embryo transfer 20%. Better embryo health diagnostics can reduce the transfer of inviable embryos into recipients and save american cattle producers 1.8 billion annually.
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