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LOCOAL is a climate technology company comprised of military veterans, engineers, and business professionals with a unified commitment to regenerate our planet. Through new innovations, partnerships, and passion for impact, LOCOAL’s team of climate fighters is here to build a resilient, sustainable future. LOCOAL's Rainmaker (TM) is a modular semi-autonomous pyrolysis system that can be rapidly deployed anywhere, anytime. A platform system, Rainmaker is integrated with the most advanced capabilities in bioenergy conversion, data-collection, and robotics automation.

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Problem statement

500M tons of organic waste is landfilled annually - an expensive and ecologically harmful method to manage end-of-life materials that could be converted into sustainable co-products. In the U.S. alone, we spend over $50B in harmful waste management practices. LOCOAL has a solution to unlock the value of this waste.

Traction information

$2.6M in Air Force SBIR funding
$10M under contract with Wakefield Biochar
$500M under LOI contracts for deployment in the next 24 months
Secured leaseback facility for customer leases


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