Restoring nutrient security from soil to our cells.

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Modgarden transforms modern urban spaces into thriving Urban Garden Hubs where access to fresh, living organic greens is a cornerstone of daily life, restoring the natural value and simplicity of century-old agricultural practices.

Our Solution: Restore the Purity and Trust in Food by Enabling Urban Populations to Conveniently Access Organic Food, Grown in Real Soil.

Modgarden is solving a last-mile problem with a soil based vertical farming appliance (made from recycled ocean plastics) by providing easy access to pure organic greens in urban centers.

Our vision is to shift food control and nourishment from centralized corporations to businesses and urbanites.

Failure to act risks a future dominated by big-ag (partnered with big box) corporations, further endangering the survival of organic farmers and the health of people.

This approach drastically shortens the food value/supply chains, beautifies any space, and emphasizes nutrient security, health of populations and closed-loop sustainability.

Modgarden significantly eliminates the environmental impact and reconnects urban dwellers with the traditional, sustainable way of consuming food: fresh, local, and organic.

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Problem statement

Modern farming practices have led to a steep loss of nutrients in food (vis-a-vis the soil) which has been detrimental and costly to population health.

Less than 1% of the 911M acres of US farms are certified organic. This decline in food quality has created a global **nutrient security issue, where essential nutrients in our diet are significantly reduced.

As a result of lack of pure food access, we’re experiencing a global record rise in chronic disease, and falling life expectancies.

Traction information

- Running a pilot with a 5*Hotel in Austin
- Utility & Design patents granted, trade secrets on our soil recipe,
- 88 pre-paid customers over a 6 day in-person campaign, with 170+ to date,
- Winner Milan Design Week, (out of 543 global products),
- Winner QVC’s - Kitchen electrics competition,
- Awarded Expert Preferred Vendor for a UN sponsored development in Portugal.

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March 2024

Hotel Pilot

We have started a pilot with a major hotel chain in Austin and have placed a prototype in the hotel dining room which is being promoted by the staff as ‘organic greens grown on premises.’

We are working with the head chef to target a volume of greens and fold it into certain foods such as topping microgreens on pizza, adding it to sandwhiches, etc.

Our estimation is that we’ll be really getting going with multiple cycles of microgreen growing and developing a revenue model that is repeatable and scalable.


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Four highlights.
1. FINANCING: Thus far we have soft-circles for $250K to 300K towards our milestone of $500k. If you’re interested in jumping on let me know, we’re looking to close this out by SXSW. Note: our valuation cap steps up as interim money goals are reached.

2. PATENT: The USPTO has allowed our utility patent application! This is a massive win, as it positions us to corner the indoor (microbial) soil based vertical farms. We will be filing continuances and will spawn multiple patent applications in as reasonable a way as possible, ie, without detracting from getting to market.

3. PO for 140 units from the UN
We are nearing a purchase order for 140 tinyFarms for climate friendly homes being built in Portugal. Their ultimate charter is to build 6,250 homes, with this being the first installation. This is about a $150K+ order. More to come on this.

4. PRODUCT HARDWARE: After a long manufacturer assessment, a potential partner has emerged out of Asia. They're experienced with an excellent cost structure for the appliance (targeting less than $100 to build and deliver) perfect for our price target of $350 MSRP without compromising beauty. My goal is still to bring manufacturing on-shore.

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Currently raising capital

Total raised to date:$600,000

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