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Operational AI: AI-Driven Enterprise Software for Operators and Decision Makers
Use Downstream Marketplace to find a hauler, recycler, scrapper, reseller, or landfill.
Transforming Satellite Data into Subscription Products
Creating the Power of the Stars on Earth
We Keep Mission-Critical Facilities UP!
Creating the Future of Diagnostic Accessibility for the Price of a Latte!
INFY is the producer of Intelligent NanoFiber, an absorbent nano-material capable of capturing and neutralizing toxins and infectious diseases.
Warm Commerce is a CRM system for Industrial Supply Chains. They enable supply chain organizations to gain complete visibility of their suppliers to improve operational execution and lower costs.
IndustLabs has been building and integrating Industrial Automation solutions for industries such as Food & Beverage, Oil & Gas, Automotive Manufacturers, and more. Beyond services and automation IndustLabs is a full-scale manufacturer of Electrical Control Panels.
Drillapp helps oil companies (E/P) to reduce unplanned events in drilling, completion and production of wells so they can benefit from a cost reduction. Through market research, Drillapp has determined that major oil and gas companies teams present an extra cost of 25 - 40% of the total drilling budget due to events outside the plan.
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