IndustLabs has been building and integrating Industrial Automation solutions for industries such as Food & Beverage, Oil & Gas, Automotive Manufacturers, and more. Beyond services and automation IndustLabs is a full-scale manufacturer of Electrical Control Panels.

About IndustLabs

IndustLabs is a full-service provider of custom or off the shelf electrical control panels. Their control panels host a large variety of data that can be crucial to a company’s future IoT plans. Using a hardware IoT Gateway in each Control Panel, they can convert legacy data types, such as ModBus, to modern Ethernet / MQTT data-grams. This IoT Gateway can integrate with an existing IoT platforms or with their IoT platform built for scale in Amazon’s AWS Cloud.

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• Revenue: $160k (2018), $320k (2019)
• Customers - Controlled Systems: Power Equipment OEM Customer; Filter 1 Clean Air Consultants, Inc.: Environmental OEM Customer; OTA Compression: Oil & Gas OEM Customer; CTJ Energy Solutions: Oil & Gas OEM Customer; EOG Resources: Oil & Gas Producer Customer
• Partnerships - G.S.W.S LLC - Automation work; Samsara Partnership - Leading industrial IoT company; The Reynolds Company Partnership - Industrial automation components; PowerHouse Electrical Supply - Industrial automation components; Innovative IDM - Have access to autonomous robots, collaborative robots, and industrial technology from Omron Automation.


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