Creative 3D Tecnologies, Inc.

We design and produce all-in-one 3D printing solutions that encompass the function of an entire suite of printers in a single machine.

About Creative 3D Tecnologies, Inc.

Creative 3D Technologies addresses that divided marketplace by creating 3D printers that are truly all-in-one. Creative 3D's printers encompass the separated functions of an entire suite of 7+ 3D printers, in a single machine. Except unlike a multitool that can typically perform many functions but none better than a dedicated tool, Creative 3D's printers outperform the competition with each of the individual functions the company combines. Not only does Creative 3D's printers encompass these separated printing functions, but also enables the combination of them. Users can merge the separated functions of printers to create previously impossible to produce parts, or bolster single 3D printing functions. Paired with the fact that Creative 3D's first product is more than 80% less expensive than the closest competitor, the company's products are an ideal solution for any customer, even if they don't have a need for multiple functionalities.

3D printers are tools that are made to overcome current design constraints, so why should they obey the same constraints when being designed or produced? Creative 3D wasn't satisfied with the answer of "Because everyone else is," and set forth to design a 3D printer from the ground up ignoring industry standards, design constraints, and production constraints. As a result, Creative 3D created a modular platform that can be relevant for years to come, and is adaptable to change and improve as 3D printing does. This set the basis of how Creative 3D will break the mold in the design and production of products, doing everything in-house with custom production and testing tools. The market loves the product and is salivating awaiting the company's move to production. With the immense growth of the marketplace and buying cycle of original adopters of 3D printing requiring new more capable printers, it's an ideal time for Creative 3D to be launching!

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Creative 3D Technologies addresses a divided 3D printing marketplace. Currently, when a customer goes to buy a 3D printer, they must know exactly what type of parts they'd like to create and buy a specialty 3D printer. For example, to print large parts, they need to purchase a large printer that only prints large parts. That large printer isn't capable of fine precision, parts, metals, industrial-grade materials, simultaneous batches of parts, or fiber-reinforced parts as those are all separate functions of other specialty printers. That divide in function spans throughout the market, with few competitors selling for each niche function for each price tier of customer. As a result, Creative 3D Technologies sees that technology and innovation are stunted, the price for functionality is high, there are artificial market dividers, and the market is operating inefficiently against customers.

Traction information

Though Creative 3D Technologies is pre-production and raising funding to start meeting the large demand the company generated, that doesn't mean that Creative 3D hasn't done as much as it can to prove our product prior to production!

- The company managed to create an all-in-one 3D printer, something that many have been attempting for years without success.
- With a negligible marketing budget, the company turned the heads of the industry and generated a large waitlist of interested parties who personally witnessed and interacted with the company's first product.
- On that same small marketing budget, the company has had over 120 media features.
- The company recently set a Guinness Record for setting the record of creating the world's largest 3D printing benchmark!
- The company is currently raising funding to move to production and has raised $135,000 so far. A portion of that funding comes from the personal funds of the participants of that waitlist.

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