College Cash

Preemptive debt reduction solution using everyday behavior to reuce student loan debt

About College Cash

Brands partner with College Cash, which develops a social campaign for the brand. Users on the platform are then able to join that campaign by creating video and photo content, for which they’re compensated in the form of paying down their student loan debt. For example, a sports team could create a campaign with a call for users to post their favorite gameday picture.

We are unique as we are the only platform addressing this issue as early as high school, and the only ones using user generated content for this solution. This has allowed us great traction in the partnership arena, and shows huge scalability.

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Problem statement

The problem we are addressing is student loan debt, primarily the repayment of the loan debt. We chose to build the platform for the masses in a unique way that allows everyone to use it, not just those with disposable income. This is important as any other platform out there is addressing the debt issue from a purchased based "Round Up" model.

Traction information

*Signed agreement that gets College Cash into credit unions across the US as “alternative student loan repayment solution”, as well as implementing “Collegiate Cash Back” Program

*Started working with Experian, Chime, Visa, and other brand partners

*Experiencing 35% MOM user growth over past 3 months with no marketing/advertising

*Accepted into Capital Factory’s Venture Portfolio

*Winner of best Speed Pitch: Social and Culture Category at SXSWPitch 2022


Not raising capital right now

Total raised to date:$410,000