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Easy, organic plant care for the urban house plant enthusiast. Recently launched!

About Flourish Plant

Flourish is a sustainable house plant food startup that helps urban consumers (millennials) keep their plants alive with ethically and organically sourced ingredients to keep their plants flourishing.

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Problem statement

Urban consumers love their houseplants but they lack the right tools to keep them alive.

Traction Metrics

Traction information


- Product launched 8 months ago, resulting in 1000+ units sold with over $23,000 in revenue
- Estimated CAC is ~25, LTV of customer is estimated $150, with LTV/CAC sitting at 6:1
- 6% of customers have converted to subscription and an additional 6% have returned for purchase (estimated customer returning timeline is starting at ~3mo after purchase)
- On track for path to profitability in 24 months

Product/Retail Launch:

- 20 wholesale partners have been selling Flourish in retail locations since June across the North East and Texas, 3 of which have sold out of initial inventory. Conversations underway with a national retailer for launch across 15 potential locations.
- 2 products under development for launch in early 2023 which will raise ACV by $50


October 2022

30 Live Retailers of Flourish Plant Food

Reached goal of retailing in 25 stores in 2022.

September 2022

MOM growth over 50%

Sales growth from August to September was 56%, on track for MOM growth from September to October to be over 20% as well.

July 2022

Received Organic Certification

Flourish Plant Food received certification for use as an organic input through the CDFA (California Department of Food and Agriculture) after strenuous testing and regulation. This ensures our product is safe for both customers and plants. There are no added or synthetic chemicals in Flourish Plant Food - only own Steep Liquor, Fermented Fish By-Products, and Peppermint Oil!

July 2022

New Product Size Launch - SOS! Kit

Launched 3-pack of single serving packets for $6. Allows new customers to try product and see results.

June 2022

Retail Launch for Flourish Plant Food

Launched in our first 5 stores in Austin, TX.

April 2022

Raised an additional $75,000

Raised an additional $75,000 after launch to continue to grow the business, raising a total of $200,000 on SAFE notes with no Value Cap.

March 2022

eCommerce Launch for Flourish Plant Food

National brand launch, website launch, and national launch of Flourish Plant Food, our first product.

December 2021

Soft Launch of Product in Austin, TX

Launched Flourish Plant Food product for customer feedback. 250 product sales ahead of national launch.

September 2021

Raised $125,000

Launched the business, including all regulatory hurdles and purchasing inventory with$125,000 raised from Friends and Family on a SAFE with no value cap.


Q3 2022 Highlights:
- Total Sales Volume - $23,000 to date, live in 25 retailers with Aug to Sept MOM growth at 56% ($2,695 in sales) and Sept to Oct MOM growth on track for 22%
- Building our advisor team of consumer experts across DTC, retail, and finance - more details to come
- Joined Capital Factory’s “Partners Fund”, an ATX based mentorship program to provide warm intros to angels and advisors
- After connecting with VC firms during Aug and Sept, we have decided to take on angel investors ahead of Q1 2023, with a goal of raising $1M (two commitments forthcoming)
- Exceptional press coverage in The Skimm, Refinery29, Cool Girls Only & The Story of a Brand Podcasts, Martha Stewart Living, Voyage Austin, CNN Underscored, Coolstuff.nyc, Stamford Advocate & Darien Times

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Not raising capital right now

Total raised to date:$200,000
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