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Kinnami provides enterprises with a hybrid resilient data fabric simplifying data availability, protection, and security for complex distributed networks. We include enterprise-class features in an easy-to-manage system enabling a unified data environment for trust, transparency and newfound collaboration—from Edge devices to the Cloud. You achieve the irrefutable data integrity essential to distributed environments—even in unsecured or free-standing networks and in autonomous operation.

Kinnami's distributed peer-to-peer data management and security solution AmiShare, enables data protection, security and availability to be dealt with holistically. Our technology works by taking any type of unstructured data, such as video, picture or a document and breaking up those files into pieces. We encrypt each piece using its own individual encryption key and store each of those now encrypted pieces in different places across a distributed network. Breaking a large file into pieces enables better security as well as data movement optimizations across varying network connectivity (including air gapped networks) and storage systems.

System administrators dictate where these encrypted pieces are stored by defining policies which are rules that the system uses to move data around. As the environment changes, the system continually reevaluates these policies to optimize behavior within constraints, such as security and cost.

With our technology you can now secure data with confidence on any storage device even if it has less security than a datacenter.

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Traditionally all data processing has been done in data centers. Today, we are increasingly reliant on data processing at the computing edge on drones, satellites, connected cars, IoT, etc. Gartner estimates that by 2025, 75% of all data will be generated and processed at the computing edge, up from 10% in 2018.

Managing devices at the edge presents IT organizations with multiple challenges:
(a) With millions of devices to be managed, how can IT administer and manage all of them securely.
(b) These devices are no longer contained within secure locations – so how can IT enable trust in data being generated on devices that are not physically secure.
(c) At the edge, networks are unreliable – so how can IT ensure there are no productivity losses.
(d) IT support is not always available at the edge – so how can IT handle situations when something goes wrong.

It is increasingly becoming clear is that IT departments can no longer ignore the edge, and the current patchwork of IT solutions used for data management and security are not sufficient at the edge. Data loss, consequently, is growing exponentially. In 2020, in the U.S. alone, there were over 4,000 data breaches with over 37 billion records exposed. Edge devices and networks are increasingly being targeted as seen recently with attacks on the Colonial pipeline and the water plant in Florida.

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Several different sectors are facing challenges in dealing with distributed data at the computing edge and we are currently engaging with companies ranging from space to critical infrastructure & telcos to law firms. All these projects are about making data resilient and secure in a distributed world.

We are also actively engaged with the US Air Force and the Army Corps of Engineers on developing solutions to deliver better data management and security to edge devices like drones and sensors as well as securely managing the movement of large engineering datasets in a hybrid cloud environment.

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