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Coming out of the pandemic, we invited a group of founders living in Austin to meet and share what they were working on. 37 showed up and enjoyed the in-person networking so we decided to make this a monthly event and named it FIESTA (Founders, Investors, Entrepreneurs, Startups, Techies, and Austin newcomers). Attendance grew to over 350 which required new software to be created to help ensure checking in to the event went smoothly and attendees could easily connect with each other during and post the event. Event organizers started asking us to use our software for their events. At this point, KOYA pivoted to build out the platform to provide seamless check-ins, effective networking through QR name tags, and valuable data insights for sponsors, event organizers, and attendees.

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Problem statement

In-person event organizers need a way to create an engaging and memorable event experience for attendees while maximizing sponsor ROI. KOYA Connect delivers insights on who attended, the engagement level of the event, post-event networking for attendees, and messaging segmentation for sponsors and event organizers.

Traction information

Pre-launch traction:
27+ events
4,800 unique attendees
3,919 scans
2,079 connections Made
$3,900 Revenue

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KOYA had its first full week of revenue through the closed beta program beginning February 28, 2022.


Digging into adding a bitcoin wallet to facilitate gifting across international boundaries and to add a revenue source based on micro-transaction fees.

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