Loudcrowd help brands measure and grow UGC (user-generated content). Captures social content on social media (primarily Instagram), measures it's value, and incentivizes customers to create more.

About LoudCrowd

They help brands measure and grow user-generated content. Loudcrowd captures social content (primarily via Instagram), measures it's value, and incentivizes customers to create more (all earned media). For example, if i post a photo of my Nike shoes, Nike can identify that i posted that photo and send me a 15% off coupon for my next purchase. Additionally, they help companies build rewards programs, automate ambassador programs, and run contests.

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Problem statement

92% of customers trust WOMM more than any other marketing
40% of all traffic and lead generation comes from earned media

UGC is the most effective type of social marketing, and brands earn billions of dollars
every year in free UGC. But none have any idea what it’s worth or how to grow it (e.g.Brands can’t answer simple questions like: How much is my UGC worth?, How can I get more people tagging me?, Which of my customers generate the most value?)

Traction information

• **Past CF Portfolio Company founders
• Revenue: $7.2k MRR
• Cash in the bank: $550k, about 16 months of runway
• Customers: Mirror,Signed brand partnership w them; several other clients - 10 customers
• Investors/Board Members - Pat Matthews (CEO of Active Capital), Mark Papermaster (CTO of AMD), Matt Allison (Founder of TrendKite), AJ Bruno (Founder of TrendKite)


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