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Lyric Cycles is on a mission gamify the replacement of 1 billion miles of gas-powered trips. We create bad ass electric bikes. Our growing community of riders drives environmental impact (and will be rewarded for doing so). Our bikes are unique and have gained interest for their design and performance characteristics. Our early customers have been enthusiasts in the space but we're building traction with mainstream ebike buyers that love the style and features of our bikes.

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We're creating new transportation possibilities to reduce carbon emissions. If we reach our goal we will have avoided 190,000 metric tonnes of carbon emissions.

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Our company started revenue in late April 2022 and we have generate just over $1.2M in revenue since our launch with sales growing quarter over quarter in 2023.

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September 2023

Graffiti X Prototype Completed

Our fourth bike to be launched in early 2024 has been completed and is in the final rounds of testing prior to launch.

July 2022

Voodoo / Ghost 305 Launch

Our second and third ebike launches after the completion of design and prototype testing. We partnered with Tyson Beckford on the launch of the 305 Ghost.

April 2022

Graffiti eBike Launch

Our first ebike launch after more than a year of research, development, design, and testing.


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Currently raising capital

Total raised to date:$500,000
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