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Oats in Coats uses storytelling and inventive food products to make healthy eating fun for kids. We've started with a line of oatmeals made with real fruits and veggies, no added sugars or GMOs, and, importantly, free from the top allergens so that more families can safely enjoy. Oats in Coats is the first chapter in a series of "Grocery Stories", a family of brands inspired by a single prompt: "What happens at night at the grocery store when the lights are off and the customers have all gone home?"

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Getting kids to eat healthy is a struggle! Co-founders and moms Daphne and Dyanna realized that today's better-for-you food options may be nutritious but kids aren't convinced by health claims alone. In fact, there is not a single better-for-you brand on BrandLove's list of the most beloved brands by American youth. Even Annie's didn't make the cut! So, while many brands offer healthy products, they aren't connecting with kids in a manner that excites them. That's why we meet kids where they are, with imaginative storytelling about a world set in the grocery store. Characters introduce kids to the foods in the aisles and engage them in their food choices. Upcoming stories will introduce families to additional brands as part of the "Grocery Stories" arc. Planned brands that will build on the success of Oats in Coats include "Fruits in Suits" and "Veggies with Wedgies". The market is huge, and the journey of capturing it will be laugh out loud fun. We hope you'll join us.

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Oats in Coats is currently available in ~300 locations across the US including chains Meijer, Bristol Farms and Tops Markets. Overall, we are steadily averaging 1.6x growth each quarter as kids adore, and parents approve of, our nutritious and delicious products and memorable characters such as Oatis, the affable oat in a formal coat. In response to the demand, we are launching 2 new flavors, a new format for all flavors (stand-up pouches for bulk consumption in the home) and a children's book in 2023.

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