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Rex Academy is a turnkey solution for educators in need of computer science curriculum/classes for students.

About Rex Academy

Rex Academy has spent the last five years providing their “curriculum-in-box” solution to private schools and organizations via company-run summer camps and course materials & resources provided directly to teacher; since late 2019, the company has begun to pivot to a licensing/SaaS model, with content accessible via an online portal (with LMS capabilities). Features include easily to follow instructions, autograding, student progress tracking, and elements of gamification.

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Problem statement

When it comes to offering today’s students with computer science-related curriculum, schools often lack resources & staff, and parents lack experience, time, & resources​. This is despite the fact that 9 of 10​ parents want their children to study computer science, while only 8%​ of STEM graduates have a background in computer science. Additionally, ​71%​ of all new jobs in STEM fields require computing.

Traction information

Under the original model, Rex generated $220K in 2019; since pivoting to the licensing/SaaS model, the company has generated $60K YTD 2020.
Existing customers include several DFW-based private schools, the Girl Scouts of America, certain public school districts, etc.
Rex is in conversations to provide their solution to community colleges and certain state school systems in Texas.


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