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Operational AI: AI-Driven Enterprise Software for Operators and Decision Makers
A marketing ecosystem for public school districts
Connecting People to the World’s Best Educational Resources in All Languages
Simplifying the attendance tracking process.
1-on-1 live & online music lessons Customized for schools
Empower construction workers to maximize safety, minimize risk and increase productivity everyday.
Rex Academy is a turnkey solution for educators in need of computer science curriculum/classes for students.
Boogaloo creates healthy technology for children. Their first product, Sound Companion, is a kid-friendly and parent-approved audio console that will allow kids up to age 14 to stream their favorite music, podcasts, and audiobooks without the privacy concerns inherent in other digital devices.
Stembot designs and provides educational robots and tools that help students harness their critical and creative thinking potential. Our STEMBoTs and innovative lessons are optimized to meaningfully prepare students to embrace challenges, learn from failure, and to realize their full potential in STEM professions.
FabuLingua teaches kids a second language through interactive children's stories from all over the world. We are helping parents make learning a new language more fun and accessible for their kids so that future generations will develop the innate empathy, cultural awareness, and preparedness to lead an increasingly globalized world.
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