STEMBoT Incorporated

Stembot designs and provides educational robots and tools that help students harness their critical and creative thinking potential. Our STEMBoTs and innovative lessons are optimized to meaningfully prepare students to embrace challenges, learn from failure, and to realize their full potential in STEM professions.

About STEMBoT Incorporated

Stembot’s product has been successful in engaging thousands of students at over 30 schools in the Omaha area. All students should have exposure and high quality opportunities to creative and critical thinking empowerment. Students must be encouraged from an early age about the great opportunities in STEM professions, where our country needs them most.

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Problem statement

There is a current lack of public school initiatives to expose students to STEM. The lack of robust solutions to address this disparity has led Stembot to develop a novel approach to curating innovation in robotics.

Traction information

Stembot current is generating $65k MRR. This is a down year due to redeveloping their current product offering.


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