Empower construction workers to maximize safety, minimize risk and increase productivity everyday.

About JobSiteCheck

JobSiteCheck is a SaaS Solution that facilitates real time, bi-directional communication between decision makers and workers in the field.

HEALTH AND SAFETY: Screen for health-related concerns upon entry, verify credentials, and streamline safety risk reporting by workers without fear of recourse. Notify workers in real-time regarding plan changes; PRODUCTIVITY: Collect data digitally and directly from workers on site to instantly identify delays, risks, and obstacles to inform action; DASHBOARDS AND REPORTING: Glean valuable trends and report on check-in data, health statuses, density and on-time delivery in seconds saving countless reporting and reconciliation hours; HARDWARE-FREE DEPLOYMENT: Deploy on site in a couple days with no new hardware, software downloads, or need to register users across multiple locations.

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Problem statement

Failure to connect workers directly into the project management flow results in unidentified safety risks, wasted time, wasted materials, and loss of valuable jobsite data.
→ $1.63T could be saved annually from infrastructure productivity changes
→ 60% of GC and trades feel using software to manage safety and/or inspections during construction is of high value to improving this process
→ 14 hrs/wk is spent on non-productive activities including looking for project information, conflict resolution and dealing with mistakes and rework

Traction information

Capital Factory investing in current round
$205,000 ARR
~$20k in software MRR since launch in April
$180,000 cash in the bank, 4 months of runway
Key investors: Dan Graham (Notley), Andrew Busey, Jim Young (Sabot Development), Matt McDonnell (Geyser Group)


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