Boogaloo Audio LLC

Boogaloo creates healthy technology for children. Their first product, Sound Companion, is a kid-friendly and parent-approved audio console that will allow kids up to age 14 to stream their favorite music, podcasts, and audiobooks without the privacy concerns inherent in other digital devices.

About Boogaloo Audio LLC

Using an app, parents can choose the music and stories that are right for their family, which are synched to our dedicated audio console. Kids can listen whenever and wherever they like: our portable, battery-powered audio console doesn’t have a microphone, camera, and lives mostly offline.

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Problem statement

• Today’s digital media landscape is not built for kids’ wellbeing or parents’ convenience
• Audio is the only digital medium kids can use safely on their own, but it’s disembodied
• 9 in 10 parents identify significant barriers to their kids listening independently

Traction information

• Selling for $299 per device + $14.99 per mo for software
• Product built, currently in beta testing
• Pre-revenue, raising a seed round to take through beta phase of development before launch
• Launched preorder signups in February 2020
• Came as an intro to CF from Amanda Bush (George H Bush’s granddaughter) - she invested in the company


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