Enriching employee connections in the enterprise

About Silhouette

A digital space for employees to build authentic connections, grow their brand, and find experts within their companies. We use AI to contextualize and categorize audio conversations taking place in existing enterprise tools (e.g., MS Teams) and water-cooler conversations on our platform, and make them searchable across the whole company while also auto-generating robust and dynamically evolving employee profiles from those meetings.

Silhouette helps organizations and employees improve productivity and retention by:

• Building trust and fostering belonging in organizations

• Capturing insights from informal and formal meetings

• Auto-generating, growing, and propagating a personalized brand

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Problem statement

• 80% of employees don't feel engaged - lowering productivity and retention

• Hybrid workplaces are adding to this - weak ties are diminishing, endangering innovation

• Hybrid is here to stay - 73% of employees want hybrid work to continue

Traction information

• Built our web platform, AI engine and integration into MS Teams

• Started a pilot with IndigoSlate (150 employees) with 2 large enterprise pilots in the pipeline

• Accepted into Microsoft for Startups and Capital Factory

• Engaged in a pilot / technology partnership with Microsoft Teams engineering to give Silhouette’s MS Teams integration a unique experience

• In discussions to showcase Silhouette at Microsoft Ignite in September (their largest partner/customer facing event)

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