Simbiosis Inc.

We help tech companies to always meet product development deadlines on time and budget, by connecting them with thousands of available vetted software engineers already working at DevHouses in LATAM.

About Simbiosis Inc.

Web platform where tech companies upload the technical profile they are looking for and in less than 24 hours receive candidates for one-on-one interviews. Once they choose to hire one they will pay via Simbiosis, no matter the location of the software engineer, following a monthly scheme for the time they needed. This way they can increase or decrease their tech team on demand. On the other hand our partners, DevHouses in LATAM, would be able to apply to our platform and once accepted start uploading the technical profiles of their software engineers that are available to be assigned full-time to remote projects. We add a 10% fee to the monthly cost per engineer assigned. We provide free online courses to our partners in order to improve their technical capacities and provide a better service.

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Problem statement

Tech companies need top developers on short notice. Due to various demands of a project, SMBs don’t always need a full staff. Most contracts to date with developers are on a long-term, fully employed status. This is rather costly and inefficient use of both a developers time and a business’s budget.

Traction information

Simbiosis’s current marketplace generates $12k in MRR, with over 40+ software engineers deployed to projects across both the US and Mexico.


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