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Spark Collection's mission is to inspire families to learn language and culture in a fun and meaningful way. We seek to increase representation in children's literature and access to learning languages.

We launched on Kickstarter in July 2021 with our first bilingual storybook in Mandarin-English and Hindi-English. Our project was fully backed in 2 days, selected as a Kickstarter Project We Love, and reached 220% of its goal with over $13K in pre-orders.

We launched Korean-English in July 2022 and our second storybook in October 2022.

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Research shows that the most effective window for language learning is 0-6 years of age. While some technology apps exist, there are little to no market leaders of physical products for language learning. The most accessible are books, yet only 1% of children's books published annually in the U.S. are bilingual, with most in Spanish-English. Multilingualism is growing in the U.S. and globally, but there is a gap and underrepresentation of quality language resources.

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