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1700+ venues in 19 cities where you can meet, create and work

About Squares App

Squares works with 1700+ commercial real estate owners to monetize their spaces more efficiently with:
1) Squares App - marketplace for renting venues for different occasions
2) Squares Pass - a single subscription that gives instant access to different workspaces

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Problem statement

Squares App:
For Users:
Main Problem: Difficulty in Finding Suitable Spaces
Users often struggle to find convenient and appropriate spaces for meetings, events, or work, leading to wasted time and effort.

For Hosts:
Main Problem: Underutilized Spaces
Hosts may have valuable commercial spaces that often remain vacant, resulting in missed revenue opportunities.

Squares Pass:
For Users:
Main Problem: Cost and Convenience for Frequent Space Usage
Regular users of meeting rooms or workspaces may find it expensive and time-consuming to book spaces individually for each use.

For Hosts:
Main Problem: Attracting Regular Users
Hosts may find it challenging to establish a consistent stream of bookings for their spaces, especially from frequent users.

Traction information

19 cities, 4 countries
10,000+ successful bookings
1,700+ partners (venue owners)
MRR $60,000


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round goal
Total raised to date:$320,000
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