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STASH is a patented zero-trust quantum-resistant, proactive, autonomous, automatic solution to data theft, ransomware, loss, manipulation, and harm. It is unique and effective, delivering a level of data privacy, security, and resilience that is beyond anything available until now. It protects data at the data byte level, wherever it is wherever it goes inside or outside of the organization, and restores both Data and The System that runs it in every organization, in real-time. Without paying ransom.

STASH mitigates attacks by thwarting the attempted damage and getting businesses up and running again in several hours instead of several weeks or months. Data and The System it runs on are completely restored. Business Downtime at $500-600,000 per hour eliminated. No ransomware payment to make.

STASH was built with today's organizations in mind. Its modular format works with all legacy systems and tools as well as new ones; it will fill the defensive security gap, and if an organization chooses, replace lower value, lower performance tools.

Run from an Admin Dashboard, there are no changes to workflows or user dependencies. There isn't another breakthrough out there that accomplishes all this, cost-effectively, simultaneously addressing the growing shortage of technology talent and winning at the ransomware chess game.

You owe it to your company to take a look - this is the dawn of the least effort, most effective solution for data breach.

Sound too good to be true? We hear that pretty often. Until we show that our steak actually matches the sizzle. You'll know without a doubt - and just like that, you'll breathe a sigh of relief.

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Problem statement

Cybersecurity is broken. The last twenty years of building stackable tools in an effort to create a fortress to defend the perimeter has failed woefully. The DATA is the perimeter.

There are thousands of defensive security tools - large organizations are using on average 156 of them in an attempt to thwart data compromise. With 50 Billion connected endpoints in the world and growing, this simply isn't possible. Trying to protect data from the outside in continues to be an effort in futility.

Cyber thought leaders universally agree after years of faith in defense alone, that data is not protected unless a datacentric solution that contains, mitigates, and eradicates the attack is part of the security posture. That's what STASH brings to the table.

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