San Antonio startups

Saving organs, saving lives
Helping others train to save more lives using augmented reality.
Autonomous Maintenance Operations for Solar Energy & Airfields
Distributed Manufacturing Software
Allosense makes sensors and measurement solutions for advancing electric vehicle battery manufacturing and equipment monitoring.
Orchestra connects the pieces to ensure patients receive high quality, coordinated care
PerSim is an augmented reality medical patient simulator that provides highly realistic depictions of actual clinical conditions in nearly any environment at a price 1/10th that of traditional, mannequin-based, "high-fidelity" simulators.
Progenerative Medical is a pre-commercialization stage medical device company focused on expanding clinically-proven reduced pressure therapy into spinal and orthopedic indications.
Allosense provides “always connected” sensing and insight generation for the reduction of waste.
FloatMe helps employees bridge cash gaps and build savings.
Emerging medical technology company focused on vascular access
Cyber Recruitment, Talent Management and Cyber Business Solution Platform
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