Strive is a software/data platform that helps athletes and soldiers achieve peak performance, prevent injury, and recover from injury by seamlessly integrating sensors into existing clothing.

About Strive

Strive is a performance monitoring system combining software alongside unique sensors integrated into existing clothing, that measures motion, muscle activation and heart rate. Strive provides patented data driven insights into performance, fatigue, power, force, and recovery, with plans to integrate machine learning algorithms. The revenue model consists of hardware sales with a SaaS component; eventually, aggregated & anonymized data will be monetized as well.

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Problem statement

Current athletic performance measurement solutions are overly complex and lack precise data. The lack of precise performance measurement costs the sports industry ~$2b annually in preventable injuries and is partly responsible for 60% of annual muscle injuries with the military. This presents an opportunity for sports to evolve into the digital age, combining precise data gathering and relative physical health measurement.

Traction information

• $1.5M SBIR Phase 2 w/ AFWERX.
• $750K SBIR w/ The Army.
• $63K in ARR across 6 collegiate and professional sports teams.
• Current pipeline with aggregate value of $4.6M in potential ARR.


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