Techless helps people take back control and break the power of addiction, so that they can unleash the beauty of real relationships. Their first product, Wisephone™ is a mobile OS with no apps, no addictions and no distractions. Techless is healthy technology; pure and simple.

About Techless

Techless’ first product is Wisephone, an essentialist mobile operating software with no apps, no addictions and no distractions. The phone has 6 core features: clock, calculator, maps, settings, phone, and messages - the phone is also able to filter any explicit messages. They are the only mobile OS for sale on the market.
How it works - You can buy any Android phone, scan a QR code to reset the phone and download Techless to turn your phone into a minimalist device.

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Problem statement

There are no good solutions to meet the oncoming tidal wave of people looking to break free from digital addiction & maintain a healthy relationship with their technology.

Traction information

• Selected to compete for Startup of the Year at SXSW
• Y Combinator interview, putting us in the top 4% of startups that applied.
• Revenue - Pre-revenue, opening up pre-orders very soon.
• Initial “vision video” has 3,500 views within the first 5 days of posting.
• Unpaid endorsements from Tim Kimmel, Ben Calhoun & Brenda Whitfield - a few of these are huge names in our target markets.


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