Frictionless Document Automation

About UnicornForms

UnicornForms streamlines data, document and e-signing workflows in highly regulated government and enterprise applications. Today, admin, paperwork and bureaucracy costs companies and the US economy trillions of dollars due to lack of automation. Whether it's enrollment, benefit applications, inspections, audits or renewing a certification, admins and their clients are stuck with PDFs, email, bad process or expensive custom solutions. We remove bureaucracy as a barrier.

We have built a generic solutions architecture that is sector agnostic. Essentially, we are Google Docs, Forms, eSign and a database combined. Additionally, we provide exceptional multi-lingual mobile optimized experiences, even for hard to complete government forms. By focusing on the data engineering level, we can autofill routine data between formats in an easy point and click interface.


Problem statement

There are two layers to the problem we address. The first layer is very high level. We tackle the multi-trillion dollar problem of corporate inefficiency in managing, creating and sharing documents, whether it's simple contracts and agreements or more complex regulatory filings. The second layer is expressed in segment specific terms. For example, today special ed or government benefit programs are not automated in enrollment solutions in education. PII, PHI and other sensitive data are transmitted as PDFs via insecure channels, such as email. Union forms or filing permits for film projects are cumbersome and costly to complete. Inspections and audits of a building are done on paper or in PDFs.

While end users frame their problem within specific terms, what unites all these problems is the need to have webhooks within documents that can be streamlined via workflows, autofilling or programmatically.


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