Walkabout Collaborative, LLC

Walkabout Workplace is a global SaaS digital workplace or school platform, that connects employees to companies and students to schools and makes you feel like you are ‘really there’.

About Walkabout Collaborative, LLC

Walkabout Workplace (“WW” or the “Company”) is a virtual workplace platform (not unlike Sococo) that allows remote/distributed users to design virtual offices, schools, and social spaces; collaborate on projects and assignments using in-app video conferencing and chat; and engage with other users, both in a professional and social context.

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Problem statement

As enterprises become increasingly more distributed, the demand for productivity tools has since a commensurate rise. More recently, the on-going Covid-19 epidemic has forced many traditionally structured firms to adapt to a new, virtual-first world. Existing solutions typically involve the use of several services, with varying levels of integration/ease of use. Under the “new normal” it’s expected that 35% of global work (inclusive of education) will be conducted virtually.

Traction information

As of 7/30/20, WW has 54 clients with 1,679 users;
Generating $18.7K MRR (up from $7K in March)
Signed Hitchai Consulting as a customer and distribution partner
21 customers in the pipeline through Hitachi alone
Included is Nomura and Softbank
In talks with Progressive Insurance


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