Companies tagged with Communication Channels

The community app for convos on relationships and sex.
A B2B, SaaS virtual community platform for Nonprofits, Membership Orgs. and Corporate Culture Leaders.
Frictionless web-based video calls
Walkabout Workplace is a global SaaS digital workplace or school platform, that connects employees to companies and students to schools and makes you feel like you are ‘really there’.
Kugar is building a modular, Lego-like robotic manufacturing platform to provide flexible automated manufacturing at scale.
CosmicAds helps B2B companies exponentially increase return on ad spend by leveraging artificial intelligence
CustomerXi (CX.i) is a marketing technology company that helps drive customer acquisition for restaurant chains so they can find, and better and engage guests
HD2Menus is a Visual Communication Platform the cuts cost and improves efficiency and boots profits by offering cost effective, turnkey solution for digital menus, directories and signage. for small & medium size businesses.
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