Waterloo Solutions

Diamond-Encased Faraday Cages for Ultimate EMP Defense and Thermal Efficiency

About Waterloo Solutions

Waterloo Solutions is the material sciences company responsible for inventing a revolutionary diamond metamaterial called Qrystal™.

Qrystal™ is a diamond wafer with conductive internal graphite structures. This has applications in the defense, semiconductor, and product authentication sectors, but our preliminary focus is on the defense industry.

The Qrystal™ EMP Shield places Faraday cages inside diamond wafers to protect critical infrastructure from electromagnetic pulses (EMP). Effective in environments that are too small, too hot, or too harsh for conventional Faraday cages, our innovative approach allows Faraday cages to go where they have never been able to before.

Key benefits of Qrystal™ EMP Shield:
- Thermal Control: Diamond-based Qrystal™ prevents component overheating, ensuring operational reliability under various conditions.
- Safe Conductivity: The unique design of our diamond-based Faraday cages minimizes the risk of short circuits, enhancing the safety of electronic systems.
- Size Optimization: Qrystal™ enables highly compact encasement to address space limitations and promote ongoing advancement of miniaturization in technology.
- Weight Efficiency: Particularly important for aerospace operations and assets, this lighter shielding solution can help mitigate launch costs and enhance payload efficiency.
- G-Force Durability: Our materials and Faraday cage designs are built to withstand the rigors of launch and other harsh environments, ensuring durability and reliability.

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Problem statement

It is well-established, that our critical national infrastructure faces significant vulnerability to an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack.

Numerous foreign adversaries are advancing their capabilities in this area, and the consequences of such an attack could be far-reaching, enduring, and potentially devastating. Estimates suggest that up to 90% of the population could become casualties within a year following an EMP event, underscoring the urgent need for robust protective measures.

Waterloo Solutions is addressing the critical challenge of protecting essential infrastructure, and is focused on innovative solutions capable of shielding vital systems that have been challenging or impossible to protect with conventional EMP shielding solutions.

Traction information

The current conditions make it an opportune time for the introduction of Qrystal™ EMP Shield. The market for EMP shields and Faraday cages is rapidly growing and will be approximately $8.6 billion by 2027. Meanwhile, advancements in CVD technology have reduced the production cost of lab-grown diamonds, offering an economical option for high-tech defense systems. This cost reduction and the increased production efficiency have made diamond materials like Qrystal™ feasible for both defense and commercial sector applications.

- Technological prowess and market readiness showcased with the development of over 200 Qrystal(TM) prototypes.
- Innovative edge in the market underscored by 22 patents issued and 24 more pending. Our core patent (US 11,783,145) is a testament to our broad intellectual property coverage.
- Commitment to ongoing research and development demonstrated by our active pursuit of SBIR/STTR grants.
- Admitted as a portfolio company of Capital Factory in December 2023. https://www.capitalfactory.com
- Admitted as a portfolio company of the Austin Technology Incubator in December 2023. https://ati.utexas.edu
- Exclusive partnership with Opsydia, a leader in laser technology, fortifies our capabilities in diamond modification. https://opsydia.com
- Our board of advisors, equipped with deep industry knowledge and expansive contacts, positions us advantageously for market penetration.

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December 2023

Waterloo Solutions Admitted into the Capital Factory and Austin Technology Incubator (ATI) Ecosystems

Waterloo Solutions is now a portfolio company of Capital Factory and the Austin Technology Incubator.

October 2023

EllansaLabs Inc. Rebranded and Relaunched as Waterloo Solutions

EllansaLabs Inc. d/b/a Waterloo Solutions completed its pivot from a JMaaS service company manufacturing jewelry on demand to a product authentication company leveraging its Qrystal technology as asset tags. The company relocated from Addison, Texas, to Austin, Texas, in October 2023.

April 2023

Board of Directors Authorizes Business Model Pivot

Between August 2020 and April 2023, EllansaLabs Inc. generated $1.3 million in jewelry manufacturing sales, well below management expectations.

The EllansaLabs management team proposed a significant business model pivot away from jewelry manufacturing and towards using its Qrystal NFT blockchain diamonds as product authentication asset tags.

The BoD approves the pivot and sets October 1st as the deadline for winding down jewelry manufacturing operations and relaunching the company as a product authentication company.

May 2022

Invention of Qrystal Asset Tags

JMaaS customers requested the ability to have unique jewelry pieces linked to the blockchain.

EllansaLabs Inc. invented a technology to meet those customers’ demands. It utilizes a unique laser technology to create graphite QR codes within small lab-grown diamonds, with the QR codes “pointing” to NFT “digital twins” on any blockchain system.

This technology is called Qrystal, with the “QR” in the name coming from the QR codes created within the diamonds.

August 2020

EllansaLabs Inc. Formation

EllansaLabs Inc. was formed as a Delaware C corp. Its mission was to create a Jewelry Manufacturing as a Service (JMaaS) service offering for the jewelry industry.


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