Adam Lloyd Cohen


• Led the team that shipped the world's 1st commercial 3D printer, which became the industry workhorse and yielded >$100M revenue for 3D Systems
• Invented and commercialized the first and only 3D printing technology suitable for high-volume manufacturing (millions of parts)
• Co-founded the 1st company to market and scale MIT’s breakthrough ‘3D Printing’ (binder jetting) technology, going from clean sheet to shipping the 1st printers to major customers in just 7 months
• Developed a medical device business from scratch, leading to a $23M investment by Versant Ventures and InterWest Partners, a $5M NIH grant, and major customers
• Invented growth-based (distally-assembled) robotics
• Awarded >75 U.S. utility patents, with others pending
• Primary inventor of FEAM, a new multi-material 3D printing process for producing functional robot actuators and sensors; co-invented 3D printing processes for ultra-soft materials
• Founded and edited the 1st periodical for the 3D printing industry
• Developed one of the earliest B2B E-commerce platforms


Autonomous, scalable platform for restaurants to market and sell quality hot meals at many thousands of underserved locations.


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