Roman Sandoval


Roman is an engineer turned CEO/Founder of Allosense, a San Antonio technology startup that makes connected sensors for defense, logistics, and advanced manufacturing applications. With over 15 years of industry experience, Roman led engineering efforts at Tesla, Apple, Intel, Qualcomm, and National Instruments; integrating high-volume data acquisition and test solutions for new product introductions. He was responsible for the production of electric car batteries, nuclear fuel-rod scanners, mobile device communications, RF integrated circuits, night vision goggles, and software-defined radios. Roman attended multiple business accelerators: Expa 2021, OnDeck 2021, Capital Factory 2020, Geekdom 2020, and Techstars 2019. He is a designated principal investigator for defense-related contracts and an AFWERX space coach. He continues to remain passionate about science, technology, community service, and entrepreneurship.


Allosense makes sensors and measurement solutions for advancing electric vehicle battery manufacturing and equipment monitoring.
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