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We are a mental health provider empowering you & our community to achieve mental well-being through effective, evidence-based, & accessible treatments

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We are developing capital light centers, starting in Texas, offering telepsychiatry,
ketamine, Spravato™ (esketamine), TMS, and psychedelics (once approved)

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Problem statement

Mental health disorders are the costliest medical conditions in the U.S. - $201bn a year. Traditional antidepressants such as Prozac have failed for generations.

Traction information

- Opened first center in Austin in February 2021 with roll-out to 5 centers in Texas by the end of 2021
- Industry investor backing - $1.5mm financing completed with industry participation from Entheon Biomedical (ENBI:CSE)
- Strongest operating team - through previous company Actify, generated $30m of clinically administered ketamine over 10 years, double any other provider
- Defensible, innovative, scalable business model - offering a full continuum of care, from telepsychiatry to pioneering interventional treatments, and a focus on insurance coverage
- Multiple insurance contracts in place with major payors - in-network with United Healthcare, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, Tricare, and Medicare; with more to follow


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