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Our business is non-intrusive continuous cardiac monitoring without any wearables or wires, reducing hospital readmissions for post-acute care patients in skilled nursing homes, nursing homes and home health by providing early warnings for any episode events between spot checks by nurses.

Following the model of CGM – Continuous Glucose Monitoring, we are implementing Continuous Cardiac Monitoring (CCM) to assists clinicians in the early detection of patient deterioration.

As a serial entrepreneur, with three successful exits, I have built a cross-functional team of experts in marketing, sales, medical, regulatory, and technology, focused on driving the adoption of NASA's non-intrusive cardiac monitoring technology into the mainstream market.

Our vision is to greatly improve cardiac patient outcomes by bringing telemedicine and advanced non-intrusive cardiac monitoring to an entirely new point of convenience, availability, and cost-effectiveness.

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Problem statement

Today’s cardiac care is reactive. Relying primarily on patients reporting symptoms, 80% of patients are diagnosed with heart failure after an emergency (ICU/ED). Post-acute care treatment and recovery is normally done in specialized rehab clinics, where 90% of patients are un-monitored. The normal monitoring is spot checks every 6-8 hours or by a camera a Virtual Patient Assistant. Abrupt fatality can occur within one hour since symptoms began or within 24 hours of being alive without symptoms, a leading cause of death is Sudden Cardiac Death. Nurses are constantly torn between monitoring and patient care; hence, continuous real-time monitoring is necessary to protect lives. With Cardi/o’s tailored alerts, nurses get early warnings for any episodic events, thus allowing them to confidently provide the best possible care for all their patients, before it is too late –improving patient outcomes and lowering risk for the organization

The problem lies in the nature of heart issues: They are intermittent, making them incredibly difficult to capture. Every 34 seconds someone in the US is having a heart attack and 50% of deaths occur in individuals without a history of heart disease. When it comes to heart health, time is of the essence, requiring swift action. Continuous Heart Monitoring is simply the only solution for prevention world's foremost health concern - sudden episodic events. Join us in revolutionizing the future of nursing, with real-time non-invasive radar monitoring

Traction information

We have released a commercial Wellness product year, and we have customers (Patient Care Integrators) who have deployed the product in nursing homes and home health with Cardiologists-ordered remote patient monitoring. We are also starting clinical testing at UT Health School of Nursing, San Antonio and the Texas Cardiac Arrhythmia clinic

We have submitted a pre-submission to the FDA 510(k) for Class II clearance, and expect 510(k) compliance in 2024. We are compliant with Medicare reimbursement CPT codes for Remote Patient Monitoring.

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March 2023

2nd Pilot Testing with large nursing to start

2nd Pilot Testing with large nursing to start

February 2023

FDA Pre-submission for 510(k) compliance

Submitted FDA Pre-submission for 510(k) compliance, clinical validation and human factor protocol

January 2023

6th Patent granted

6th patent granted by USPTO office

January 2023

$2.5M convertible note - 2nd raise of $250K

Raised a 2nd $250K on convertible note

December 2022

Selected to 1st Cohort of Care in Space Accelerator - Demo day

Selected to 1st Cohort of Care in Space Accelerator - dual use applications terrestrial and spce

November 2022

5th patent granted

5th patent granted by USPTO office

November 2022

Pilot Testing started with Skilled Nursing Home Chain

Pilot testing for Home Health started with large skilled nursing home chain

October 2022

Customer Traction with paying customer

Deployed 200 sensors at nursing homes through Patient Care Integrators

October 2022

$2.5M convertible note - 1st raise of $250K

opened $2.5M convertible note in August and raised $250K

July 2022

Commercial Product

Delivered a commecial for non-medical applications for continuous heart monitoring in a consumer setting and pilot testing


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Currently raising capital

Total raised to date:$5,700,000