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Entvantage Diagnostics, based in Austin Texas, has developed Sinu-Test®, the first rapid, in-office test for bacterial sinusitis detection. The Sinu-Test Bacterial Sinusitis Test Kit includes a proprietary collection device, bacterial assay kit and optical reader device that provides accurate, rapid, in-office diagnostic test results for determination of bacterial sinusitis. The first-of-its-kind, FDA Class II DeNovo Diagnostic test kit, with issued patents in the U.S., EU, Australia and Japan, provides primary care and ENT physicians with a simple and accurate point-of-care test for sinusitis that takes 20 minutes to achieve results and allows healthcare providers to determine the 10% of patients that have bacterial sinusitis and can benefit from antibiotics from the 90% that have viral sinusitis where antibiotics are ineffective. The Sinu-Test diagnostics test kit will help providers reduce the number of unnecessary antibiotic prescriptions, increase revenue to the clinic using established CPT reimbursement codes that pay $55 per test and reduce the overall treatment costs for these illnesses from $400 to $125 with the use of the Sinu-Test. Clinical testing is underway in the U.S.

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Problem statement

There are many common upper respiratory illnesses (URI’s) that are currently being overtreated with antibiotics. Based only on patient history and symptomology, it is difficult for a physician to accurately diagnose if the URI is caused by a bacterial infection or a virus since the symptoms are very similar. There are no rapid, in-office diagnostic tests available to assist them in making their diagnoses and without a definitive diagnostic test, physicians prescribe antibiotics to most patients, even though they are infrequently needed. Unnecessary antibiotics can make their condition worse and lead to serious and costly complications an over 23,000 deaths each year in the U.S.

ENTvantage Dx provides a diagnostic test kit to allow physicians to accurately diagnose upper respiratory illnesses and help reduce unnecessary antibiotic use. No rapid, in-office tests are available to test for pathogens in upper respiratory illnesses.

Traction information

-Entvantage has received two SBIR Phase II grants for $2.5 million (total) in non-dilutive funding.
-Entvantage has issued patents in U.S. and multiple ex-U.S. territories
-Interim clinical test results demonstrate 95.7% agreement to control method.
-Product fully developed and achieved design lock on all components
-Recently selected by NIH SEED group for as one of five recipients (out of 150 applicants) to present at upcoming investor conference

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Total raised to date:$10,500,000

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