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About Humble Inc

“OnlyFans of business content".

A creator platform and social network for entrepreneurs.
Cut through the noise of YouTube, LinkedIn and TikTok to find the real information needed to launch and grow startup.

10,000 expert creators sharing their knowledge with no trolls, no toxicity and a focus on the mental health of Founders.

Revenue: Commission sharing with creators; merchandise; subscriptions and advertising.

Conceived at MIT by our Founder Charlie Lass (4 launches, 3 exits and a nervous breakdown). Humble was born out of his experience.

Platform is built and has 1,500 creators for our Season 1 launch.

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Problem statement

900,000 startups launch each MONTH.
Up 50% since 2021

There are too many sources of information (google, YouTube, LinkedIn, TikTok) that no one knows the facts.

Startup information is skewed to english language, but that represents only 28% of creator content.

Most startups fail because of inexperience and burnout. is ONE place for vetted startup information and expert creators.

Creators own their content and are paid properly. Humble curates, edits and promotes.

We protect the mental health of entrepreneurs and creators.

Traction information

Scalable platform built and live in private beta.

1,500 creators onboarded.

Target creator market identified in LinkedIn content creators.

$600k out of $800k Founder and friends round.

$1.2m crowd round launching in November.

Forbes, Bloomberg, Yahoo press (and more)

Very experienced and cohesive Team.

Institutional investors lined up for Seed round.

Product video

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October 2023

Private Beta Launch

Fully functional platform went live for invited Users with 1,500 content creators represented.

Updates to branding across the platform.

Automated Creator onboarding process.

October 2023

$1.2m StartEngine Crowd Round

Crowdfunding, non-voting Common Stock funding round.

Accepted into the largest crowdfunding platform in the world and have begun the promotion of our raise to our network of 10,000+ contacts.

We are maxing the raise at $1.2 through StartEngine and raising the remaining $800k directly.

September 2023

Capital Factory Portfolio Acceptance

Accepted into the All Access Fund and will be leveraging the resources and network to the fullest.

Our Founder Charlie has also been a mentor for Capital Factory for the past 4.5 years.

July 2023

V1 Launch - Testing

Internal testing launch of platform

July 2023

$500,000 Friends and Family Round

$500k from close network

June 2023


Core Team of 5

Support Team of 12

Still under $50k monthly burn.

April 2023


MVP of the platform for testing and validation.

November 2022

Version 1 Live! is now live for our first Users and new website.

We continue to onboard Creators and will soon be offering Lifetime “Founder” membership to early adopters.


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Currently raising capital

Total raised to date:$600,000