Transforming the delivery and explainability of outpatient musculoskeletal care.

About linedanceAI

linedanceAI introduces Movality, a software solution to transform providers’ expert observations into objective and explainable movement quality metrics. Movality increases course-of-care retention by enhancing patient understanding.
Patented machine-learning technology automatically decodes movement quality using any tablet or mobile phone camera to reveal patient range of motion, dysfunction and compensation as objective movement quality metrics.

Providers connect these metrics to drive patient understanding about:
A) their condition
B) where the patient needs to be for a full recovery
C) their progress along the course of care.

Outpatient providers use Movality to establish clear recovery expectations, and visually communicate patient’s recovery journey.

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Problem statement

Musculoskeletal (MSK) care is mostly observational and lacks objective metrics to quantify patient conditions. Primary Care physicians, for example, use cholesterol healthy ranges to objectively score and communicate your wellness status. Objective metrics like this set expectations about the course of care and the importance of completing it. In outpatient Physical Therapy (PT) practices, up to 70% of patients fail to complete the entire course of care. In addition to the health implications at risk, this kind of attrition comes at a staggering cost of $6.5 bn annually or 20% of the current PT market.

Traction information

Completed clinical trails. Early pilot stage.

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