Companies tagged with Physical Health & Fitness

Wearable devices for accelerated muscle strengthening
Delivering minimal-effort preventative health screenings to the mass market
We allow people with mobility disorders walk safely, independently, and confidently.
Best athletic performance studio in LATAM, with an elite team and state of the art technology.
Connected Fitness and Health Platform for the Enterprise
Transforming the delivery and explainability of outpatient musculoskeletal care.
At Choose Health we are focused on helping 1M people improve at least one key marker of internal health.
Bringing healthcare affordability and access to all
Elite Sweets makes low-carb, high-protein donuts for consumers who want to enjoy a guilt-free, sweet treat.
Fitnescity helps people uncover valuable data about their body by providing easy access to wellness lab testing, along with personal data analytics.
Next Generation Rapid Diagnostics
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