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WeStrive is building the world's first platform for all Health & Fitness professionals to manage/scale their business while collaborating with other professionals in similar fields. We’re growing as a tool for personal trainers & gyms and will begin expanding horizontally to physical therapists, yoga studios, and group fitness studios in 2024.

Our app helps save time, increases sales, and improves the overall business experience. Our suite of tools includes fitness programming, daily schedules, nutrition plans, habit-tracking, progress graphs, and is trusted by 1000's of gyms, trainers, and clients worldwide.

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There are 5M health & fitness businesses worldwide utilizing a dozen apps to manage their day-to-day operations. A crossfit gym will use Excel to build programs, a physical binder to track client progress, and text messages to handle appointments - a nutritionist will send their nutrition plans over PDF, have clients individually text their macros, and then send them their final results in an excel document. It's the exact same song & dance for every health/fitness business.

The 2nd problem is the fact that a personal trainer, nutritionist, and physical therapist all work with the same client but they have no idea. With WeStrive, they'll not only know, but they'll actively collaborate to improve the client's life and grow their businesses together.

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* We've recently expanded into the gym space (enterprise) and have already closed 7 gyms on WeStrive. Once we launching booking/scheduling in Q1 of 2024 we should see a massive boost in gym partnerships.
* WeStrive is currently processing almost $1M/year in payments and we just soared past $100K in ARR.
* We've secured a partnership with the corporation, Daxko, which services over 17,000 gyms worldwide. Daxko will look to onboard WeStrive into gyms like Blink Fitness, Crunch Fitness, and Lifetime Fitness over the next several years

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