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Helping everyone invest in premium NFTs as an alternative asset class

About Masterpieces Labs

Masterpieces gives everyone the ability to auto-invest in high value premium NFT assets to build a diversified portfolio and start their Web3 journey. 

Using collective ownership and a familiar UX, we are making it easy for mainstream consumers to buy and collect a piece of the most valuable and culturally significant NFTs with the strongest communities, where the most future appreciation will accrue. 

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Problem statement

NFTs are a new $40B per year digital alternative asset class and rapidly growing. But the premium assets, where the power law will apply and the most value will accrue over the coming years, these assets cost $10k's or $100k's each. This makes this new asset class out of reach of the mainstream consumer, let alone being able to build a diversified portfolio to get exposure based on their risk profile.

Traction information

Over $250k committed to pre-seed round
Dozens of user interviews allowed us to refine the target market offering before
Recruited experienced Development and Design team
Wallet and payment provider infrastructure assessed and move-forward solution identified


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