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Pegwin Patient Safety Innovation helps healthcare institutions solve post-operative patient complications by leveraging Machine Learning and AI technology to alert clinicians on early identification of patient abnormalities.

On top of the EMR we create a risk profile for each patient that shows their co-morbidities ranked by severity and pushes the best practice and standard of care to the attending clinician in real-time, augmenting their knowledge to take timely preventive action.

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Problem statement

The third leading category of death globally, following cancer and heart disease, is mortality within 30-days of surgery. In addition, nearly 1 in 4 hospitalized patients admitted to hospitals in the U.S. will experience harm. Despite decades of effort, U.S. hospitals still have a long way to go to improve patient safety. A recent study shows that 7% of total admissions experience preventable arm and 1% experienced serious preventable adverse events that resulted in serious harm or death.

Traction information

1. We have a signed agreement with the #1 Cancer Center in the U.S. to conduct a feasibility and usability study of our Machine Learning and medical AI algorithm. They have asked for the rights to be the first to publish the results,
2. We have won 2 patient safety technology awards from the HHS Office of the National Coordinator for IT.
3. We have developed and tested the Pegwin Insights Platform prototype that agnostically sits on top of any Electronic Health Record (EHR) to display each patient's Risk Profile to support nurses to do the right thing, to the right patient at the right time. This will help to continue timely, quality care even with the nursing shortages.


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