Your butt deserves a shower

About WonderSpray

WonderSpray is a portable butt shower used to clean yourself after using the bathroom. Designed for a more comfortable and refreshing clean wherever you go!

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- Generated over $650k in sales within the first 6 months of launch.
- Founder has 1 successful exit already under his belt.
- Currently they’re scaling up their factories to be able to produce 35,000 WonderSprays per month ($3.1M per month in sales capacity).
- The company consistently pushes 5,000 units per month with a healthy growth rate.
- 2 international patents filed, one already granted.
- Entire company has been bootstrapped by the founder up to this point (no outside funds raised yet).
- Recently added a local supply chain executive from Dell to their advisory board.
- On track to generate $1.75M over the next year


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Not raising capital right now

Total raised to date:$100,000
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