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Ethical facial analysis for events and retail

About Zenus, Inc.

Our technology captures impressions, demographics, dwell time, and positive sentiment in any physical or virtual environment.

We deploy our proprietary AI models on custom-made IoT devices that minimize bandwidth requirements and protect people’s privacy.

Marketers obtain live analytics to understand their audience and develop predictive models to forecast trends.

They may also influence behavior in real-time with adaptive content at the point of purchase without crossing the privacy line.

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You need accurate data. Surveys are rarely filled out. RFID and Bluetooth (BLE) solutions are complex and pricey.

Each smart camera passively analyzes hundreds of faces and produces metrics such as impressions, demographics (age/sex), and positive sentiment (happiness) over time.

Setting up a camera takes less than 12 minutes and you may access our live dashboard anywhere and anytime.

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Our technology is loved by marketing professionals across the spectrum - from retail brands to business events and international airports.

Get in touch with our team of experts to learn more on www.zenus.ai.

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