Mobile App and Virtual 3D Experiences to enhance Medical Consultations and Patient Education.


Multitiered solution allows physicians to capture pictures/videos about their practice, their products and their services to promote awareness to patients in their office. In addition, they can use the technology in consultation mode to show the patients before and after photos and videos using a variety of edit and display modes to maximize the patients experience.
Selling to plastics surgeons, dermatologists, and medspas.

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Problem statement

Medical Industry Problem: Physicians ineffective at in-practice marketing; many do virtually nothing in the consultation and treatment rooms to help educate the patient (e.g. play dated video loops, CNN, or subscribe to several services to manage content while at the same time investing in expensive bulky image capturing tools).
Vendor Problem: Medical device/aesthetics vendors/manufacturers can’t reach the patient in the doctor’s office (other than outdated tri-fold brochures and vinyl banners).

Traction information

Current clients (in beta) - Plastic Surgery of Texas, Refresh Dermatology, New Jersey Plastic Surgery, Bauman Medical, + 5 more.
Product Development - Completing final rounds of development, launching in Q4 2020.
Cash in the bank - $10k, expecting to close $100k - $200k by EOY, with an additional $250k in early 2021.
DoD - Interested to work with DoD for security checkpoints or reconstructive surgery for wounded warriors.
Why CF - Mentorship on mobile app sales, software + hardware sales, fundraising assistance, & hiring new talent.


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