Golf Scope Inc.

Golf Scope uses VR to make golf more accessible and fun. Their goal is to grow the game, both in terms of participants and rounds of golf played (virtual and on course).

About Golf Scope Inc.

ProPutt creates AR/VR golf games through the Oculus headset. Users can play on a course, practice their swings at the range, and enter into a virtual TopGolf experience. ProPutt’s mission is to bring more people into the game of golf.

Price: $20 per game per user

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Problem statement

There is no current way to play golf via AR/VR. People want to play and practice golf in the virtual world. TopGolf did not have a virtual presence in the AR/VR world.

Traction information

Partnership with TopGolf
7,000 daily active users
93,000 customers
$1.65M 2020 revenue
Black friday and holidays are biggest sales - $12,000 in sales per day
$200,000 Jan 2021 revenue


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